Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Day At Fern Valley On The Soque

I would guess that Greg Morgan of G.R. Morgan Outdoors and I have been talking about getting on the water together for several years and it's never worked out since we could never get our schedules to jive.  With my family out of town last weekend, it was the perfect opportunity to jump over the state line to Georgia to spend the night at Greg's house and then up early the next morning for the easy hour plus run up to Fern Valley On The Soque

Greg has guided nearby properties on the Soque River for several years but lately has been spending more time at Fern Valley On The Soque.  This property is owned by Glad and Marty Simmons and he's enjoyed a great relationship with them as they continue to enhance their property with new sections of water to fish.  Greg was excited to show a newly opened addition to Fern Valley with a long meadow section just downstream that is a mix of pools and riffles in a wooded area surrounded by pastures.

We decided to spend the morning on the meadow section and geared up at the cars, let the pups take a run, and then walked down to the river.  It wasn't long before we saw trout (some of them very large) fining in the pools.  We took turns working our way downstream before working upstream.  

I started the morning with a sparkle minnow casting it down and across the stream which got a follow from a large rainbow that turned away but committed on the next cast with an eat.  Nothing like a twenty plus inch rainbow to start off the day.  The rest of the morning was a mix of rainbows and brook trout which were all eager for a streamer.  This is a very visual fishery where you can not only see trout holding in the pools and riffles but also can watch as they react (or not) to a streamer. 

We continued to work our way upstream and it was a mix of singles and few doubles to make things interesting.  Around noon we returned to the cars for lunch, let the pups run again, and then drove up to Fern Valley to spend the afternoon there.

The water in the Fern Valley section is more mountainous and rocky with deep pools.  Walking along the river it was easy to spot trout throughout the river.  Where streamers were the ticket on the meadow water, a small dry fly with a soft hackle dropped off the back was the preferred setup for the afternoon.

We ended the day going back to streamers but they didn't get much attention.  It was getting late in the afternoon and I had three hours home to drive and work the next day.  All in all a great day on the water and I appreciate Greg for the invitation to show me just one of the places that he puts clients on fish.

Over the years I've fished a few different private water properties and I have to say that Glad and Marty Simmons run a top notch operation.  We spent some time speaking with each of them and it was evident that they love their little place in the woods and continue to work hard to make sure that the experience is exceptional for those who visit.

Looking for a great day on the water?  Give G.R. Morgan Outdoors a call and consider spending the day at Fern Valley On The Soque.


Fly Punk is a new online magazine coming out of the United Kingdom that is less tweed and all about fun on the water.  So far there have been two issues released with more coming every other month.

Read Issue 1 and then check out Issue 2.  Enjoy.

Visit the Fly Punk website for more information.

Monday, January 23, 2017

KORKERS - DarkHorse Wading Boot Released

For the past couple months I've been putting the new Korkers DarkHorse through the paces and these wading boots are now available through your local fly shop.

Over the years I've used quite a few different Korkers models and without a doubt these are the most thoroughly designed and solidly built wading boots that I've worn.  The DarkHorse is built with a heavy duty hydrophobic material for durability matched with a molded toe cap.  These wading boots feature a stable and comfortable foot bed that pair with all the choices with the OmniTrax Sole System.

I used to be on the fence about the Boa Closure System but advancements in the materials used have really stepped up the reliability and durability of the Boa M2 lacing method.

Looking for a new pair of wading boots?  Be sure to check out the Korkers DarkHorse.

CAPTAINS FOR CLEAN WATER - Everglades Documentary

Captains For Clean Water has released a new short documentary on the Everglades that explains the issues going on in southern Florida in clear detail. 

Consider putting some support behind Captains For Clean Water by becoming a member.  I joined today and you should too.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

No Dice On The Low Tides

When Phil Croff and I started talking about his southern swing, he mentioned that he really wanted to do two things; eat oysters and cast a fly at a redfish.  Phil had a presentation planned for one of the evenings at Lowcountry Fly Shop which gave us two days with crazy low winter tides to look for redfish and Leon's Oyster Shop hit the mark for a few shucked local fresh oysters.

We spent the first afternoon with Captain Scotty Davis of Lowcountry Fly Shop and the second afternoon with Captain Jason Shepard of Fly Times Fishing Charters.  When I say we fished the low tide, we fished the lowest of low tides.  Creeks that typically hold water at low tide were down to a trickle.  Flats that usually have water on them were pluff mud simmering in the sun.

Hardy had a great time both days hanging out in the skiffs.  The second day she just couldn't help herself and jumped onto a mud flat only to jump back into the boat and shake herself off all over the three of us.  Imagine a thousand watercolor brushes dipped in brown gray paint going everywhere.  We (and the skiff) were covered. 

We moved a few redfish around on the first day with Captain Davis and Phil had a few more shots on the second day with Captain Shepard taking far back into some out of the way flats.  He had a momentary hook up at the end of the last day just to create a spark that he needed to come back for another shot.  Redfish can be fussy bastards on the low tide and he'll get another shot when they're tailing in the grass.

Planning a trip to Charleston?  Booking a day with Lowcountry Fly Shop or Fly Times Fishing Charters are a sure bet to get on some redfish.


The other night I sat down and watched the media copy of the Fly Fishing Film Tour and fortunately it included Felt Soul Media's latest shortie film, 120 Days: Tarpon Season which highlights the obsession and focus of David Magnum of Shallow Water Expeditions on tarpon. 

As typical of Ben and Travis's work, this film is beautiful as it is well done.  

Get your tickets to the Fly Fishing Film Tour now as many locations will sell out before the show.  This film is worth the price of admission.

Friday, January 20, 2017

LOON OUTDOORS - Fly Tying 101: Episode 3

The Loon Outdoors Fly Tying 101 sessions continue tonight with Episode 3 which will cover five patterns which include Darian's Kool Kat Soft Hackle, Yellow & Partridge Soft Hackle, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Bucktail Streamer and TP's Little Nymph Thing.

Missed the first two Fly Tying 101 episodes?  Watch them HERE and HERE.

Or jump in at 6:00 p.m. PST tonight for this menu of flies...

Visit the Loon Outdoors website for more information.